Welcome to my site! LOCKJAWMUSIC i am a artist name PATIENCE looking to collaborate with rap artists singer’s producer’s ect and get bookings at events clubs an festivals and make new contacts through out the music industry i have previously hosted and performed at meny big drum and bass events through out London Kent and Sussex but have made a change to more commercial mainstream hip hop pop and recently had a number of my songs played onn bbc radio kent all music on my site will have been purchase under all the correct liecence law terms for sale and distribution rights on all online and off music outlets and for paid live preformances if your looking for booking for your events or want to take your music to the next level and would like to collaborate with other artist under LOCKJAWMUSIC lable please contact me i am in the process of creating this site for my fans and contacts and will soon have my music site links tracks videos and upcoming events ready to view at your finger tips PATIENCE MUSIC MATTERS